About project

’talonium- a unique stock of model business traffic and a decentralized online platform in the world of fashion.
A revolutionary social lift with an integrated platform for selling services - model’s contracts, designers, agents and other talents in the fashion industry.

ission:To build a new, protected fashion industry and create a non-corrupt way to develop one“s dream of success and fame.

talonium Coin- allows you to tokenize your progress and form an objective value, earning a place in the world ranking.

analysis / tranding


Stable growth

Fashion is considered to be one of the most perspective e-commerce industries.

2% of global GDP

According to the recent data, fashion market is estimated to be worth $2.4-3 trillion.

Commitment to innovation

Share of transactions on mobile platforms is also growing steadily. According to “The State of Fashion 2018”, the brands more often focuses on e-commerce.

Good forecasts

According to the data provided by research channel “Statista”, by 2022 the industry income is expected to be twice as high.

Personalization is demanded

Trend #1 in global business processes.

Problems which solves the platform

Corruption of
the industry
The agents has their “favorites”, that makes the others to stay in the shadow. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure secure environment which allows the models, to have access to the working opportunities in real time.

To form the community of models and fashion trend-setters, to provide each of them with the personal token, which can be used to improve the rating, reach success and to develop the need of self-actualization.

of the industry
Fashion - one of the largest and most fragmented industries in the world. It is divided into several components and product categories that are represented in various organisations around the globe.

Globalization in terms of a joint platform and a range of products.

Sieve effect
Because of filtering a lot of those who wish to enter the industry could not take advantage of this possibility. Fashion trends are imposed artificially through trend-setters (professionals of the fashion world), their opinions are fundamental for the formation of what is fashionable and expensive and what is not.

The platform gives an opportunity to everyone who wish to become a trend-setter, there is no more need initial connections and authority, only one’s personal earned rating and acquired coins matters.

Poor security of the environment
Agencies and customers in the fashion industry provide poor protection to the models or performers, who are not sufficiently protected from scams, non-payments, sexual harassment and slavery.

Blockchain guarantees the commitments of counterparties and provides a trusting relationship between them.

False fundamental of rating
formation and competence
There is no “Quality Standard”, today it is determined by a group of people and based only on their preferences and experience.

The rating is formed by collecting data on both amount, feedback about the work done and also on level of interaction with other members of the community.

Fragmentation of the industry

Corruption of the industry

Sieve effect

Poor security of the environment

False fundamental of rating formation and competence


IV Platform’s Ecosystem


Is being registered, passes verification through an agent and then advertises and sells their services, uses others, sells clothing collections, influences the rating of models and forms its own.

The Buyer
The Buyer

Pays through Etalonium Coin any product, service or advertising on the platform. its own rating but does not have its own tokens.


As an initial investor who has Etalonium Coin, could trade it for tokens of liked models or fashion-makers, confirms and verifies them, confirming their data, contributes to the rating of the model through a personal rating or the number of purchased tokens. Further follows or takes part in the production or development of their heroes. Has the right to resell, output to the Fiat tokens in the reverse order.

The model
The model

Starts from registration, passes verification according to the requirements, and then to the proposed agents to confirm the information and obtain the rating. After the verification, the model gets a place in the rating and the ability to issue a limited number of tokens but not lower than their numerical value of the rating. Further, the model increases the value of its token by raising their own rating. The rating rises due to the inflow of Etalonium Coin from buyers, agents, investors to a personal smart contract. The model trade their token for Etalonium Coin and pays for services or withdraw it in fiat according to the specified rules. Also, the model who issues a tokens, undertakes to provide appropriate professional services in exchange for tokens.


Performs n network support, ensures the integrity and speed of transactions. Each member of the network can become a miner at any time, thanks to the technology of Proof Of Data.


Has an amount of Etalonium Coin that were issued during the ICO period, it can benefit both from receiving dividends from the platforms work and from sales after the developmentaperiod of the platform. Also, the investor buys model’s tokens, resells them, produces models, uses services and has weight and rating in the formation of a new society.


Functional modules
of the platform

The system of reputation and
protection of made decisions based on blockchain.

Module of tokenization of your own activity

User activity (fulfillment of orders, sponsorship attraction of investors, etc.) ensures the growth of the token. Thanks to the activity of the model itself, its community is and expanded, which contributes to the recognition of her talent at all possible levels.

of time

Each network member who has his own personal smart contract can create events with his participation, or be marked in already created ones. For tokens of this network participant, other participants can obtain services pre-specified in the publication of the event.


The wallet is a significantly improved version of the traditional cryptocurrency wallet, because it offers not only the ability to accept and send transactions in the projects main currency (Etalonium), but also allows you to manipulate the smartphone tokens created on the Etalonium unit without commission and easily exchange tokens thanks to the built-in tools of the decentralized exchange office.

Casting module

The module serves as an initial casting tool for fashion-makers. It includes a chat (video, audio), allows you to evaluate the model. This module is provided for a fee. The casting module is closely connected with the Partner module. The casting result is fixed in the personal profile of the model and fashion-maker, which are stored in a secure decentralized repository. With successful passing of the casting and confirmation of the contract, the event and the text of the contract is fixed in the detachment.

The invitement

The module is a service for the organization and tokenization of activities. The interested person can make a public invitation to an event connected the world of fashion. The inviter indicates the amount of tokens to visit, the event may be paid or may be awarded for a visit. Confirmation of the visit is by means of geolocation and additional conditions set by the organizer.


All of the above modules participate in the formation of the users rating in the project. Sources of formation can be divided into three groups (one for each role in the network):
1.For the model - fulfillment of contracts with fashion-makers, sponsor contributions from users and participation in public events.
2.For the agent - the rating of the models that they are led by. For the agent, it is possible to abandon the model after confirmation. Failure means that the agent returns model tokens and the model rating no longer affects the agents rating.
3.For fashion-maker - successfully completed contracts with models, rating of models with which contracts were signed, participation in thepartnership program.


The project has an access sharing system based on the ranking of participants. It is designed to facilitate the search and interaction with network participants for both fashion-makers, and for models and agents. This system protects against corruption promotion of models and allows to evaluate their real merits and successes, since the whole history of contracts will be preserved in the detachment and protected storage.

Affiliate module

This module allows the inclusion of industry-related partners, such as beauty salons, cosmetology studios, airlines, taxi services, hotels, restaurants, etc., adjacent to the fashion industry. The module was created to provide discounts and unique conditions for the participants of the platform, and is also an integral part of the financial expenses when investing a certain model. That is, the model is obliged to spend the funds received for a particular partner, depending on the specified purpose of the investment by the agent or investor.


Built-in marketplace for brands or beginners fashion-maker for the purpose of selling their own products or services among the platform participants. There is also the possibility of tokenizing services for the formation and distribution of the brand. If a brand wants to attract models to its brand distribution campaign, it can post an ad with a fixed amount of payment attached to it, or create its own unique contract. The model, in turn, fulfills the terms of the contract and advertises the proposed brand or product, for which, after the end of the campaign, receives a specified amount of Etalonium Coin or other remuneration under the contract.

of tokens

Within the framework of the project, models and fashion-makers own personal smart contracts. To correctly assess the token of such a smart contract, in a free market, there is a token exchange. Thanks to the technologys capabilities, the exchange is decentralized and is able to function in isolation from the main project servers. For convenience of using such an exchange, a set of trading tools is offered in the desktop and mobile clients: display of the past and current state of the tokens on the exchange in the form of graphs (candles);
Depth of the market;
Display of currency pairs "Token - EtaloniumCoin";
"Glass" of orders

The Messenger

To ensure the connection of all network members in the project, there is a messenger module. Decentralization of data storage and the presence of a block system also allow the creation of a distributed messaging system. Stability and safety is guaranteed by the availability of the above modules and allows the use of approaches previously mentioned in all previous modules.

Matching module

The module provides communication of the agent with the model or fashion-maker at the stage of entering the Etalonium system. The agent chooses, in his opinion, promising participants from the temporary list and, verifying the authenticity of the page and the specified parameters, invites the temporary participant to become a permanent participant of the network. The module is equipped with search tools and allows the agent to perform confirmation of participants.


OCT, 2017


FEB, 2018 – JUN, 2018

Market Analysis

DEC, 2017 – MAR, 2018

Concept Development

JUL, 2018

Buisness Plan

JUL, 2018

Angel Investment

JUL, 2018

Technical Documentation Development

SEP 04, 2018

Odessa Event

SEP, 2018 – OCT, 2018

Prototype Development

OCT 10, 2018

Focus Group Event

OCT 13, 2018

Forum One Event

NOV, 2018

Smart Contract Development

NOV 27, 2018

Pre-Alpha Mobile ver. Release

NOV 28, 2018 – DEC 03, 2018

Paris Event

End of NOV, 2018

Closed Sale Start

Begin of DEC, 2018

Closed Sale Finish

Pre Alpha Mobile ver. Release

DEC 03, 2018

DEC 28, 2018

Brazil (Rio) Event

FEB 01, 2019

Token converted to Etalonium Coin

FEB 01, 2019

Beta Mobile ver. Release

FEB 01, 2019

Pre-Sale Start

DEC 08, 2019

Pre-Sale Finish

Q I – II, 2019

Brand contracts

DEC 08, 2019 – APR 08, 2019


APR 08, 2019

Public Sale Start

MAY 08, 2019

Public Sale Finish

Q III, 2019

ICO Token Listing

Q III – IV, 2019

Desktop ver. Release

Q IV, 2019

Final Mobile Release

Q IV, 2019

Trade Market Activation

Q IV, 2019

Fashion Show [Presentation]

News / Events

Event in Odessa
In sunny Ukrainian city – Odessa was held a unique event from Italian company – Etalonium Fashion Group.
Event in Premier Palace
Etalonium group organized 08.10 in Kiev, Ukraine, a press conference dedicated to the Italian IT platform.
Olerom Forum One
Strategy of Etalonium is the natural growth of users. We hold events around the world, join the coll...
Event in Paris
30.11 A long-awaited presentation of the Etalonium IT-platform pre-alpha version took place at the Four Se...


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Georgia, Tbilisi, Tsereteli Avenue 56

Event in Odessa

In sunny Ukrainian city – Odessa was held a unique event from Italian company – Etalonium. This measure mixed the world of financial capabilities, IT platforms, and fashion industry. In a new and cozy hotel – ilDecameron was formed the first focus group from 20 model-bloggers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Italy, and also famous fashion experts: Boris Basic ,Aurika Popova, Domenico Petralia, Olga Redziuk and Alessandra Boar. The general strategy of company is gathering a great number experiences and opinions people from fashion industry, with help of unique platform Etalonium, which was based on blockchain. The unique platform gives an ability to become an agent or an investment of model’s sphere and cooperate with new faces. The general point is that Etalonium resolving a lot of problems of the modern fashion industry.

After this event Etalonium swiftly began to increase the developing process, as a result soon we will have a few focus groups in Rio, Paris, HongKong.

Event in Premier Palace

Etalonium group organized 08.10 in Kiev, Ukraine, a press conference dedicated to the Italian IT platform.

There gathered the world's fashion experts from Italy and Brazil, journalists, models and bloggers. At this event, which took place at the Premier Palace Hotel, star experts talked about the benefits of IT platform Etalonium, about their experience in the modeling business and answered questions from audience. At the press conference gathered the popular experts and stars:

– Dani Souza (Etalonium Ambassador in Brazil and Ukraine, model and businesswoman)

– Boris Basic (Etalonium Ambassador in Europe,Model Agent)

– Tino Vacca (Etalonium Adviser, photographer Vogue Italia)

– Olga Redziuk(Etalonium Adviser, Business consultant)

– Dentinho (football player)

The essence of this event is to help models to achieve success in a model career, to give an opportunity to share the experience of experts and participants and most importantly, to make all dreams come true.

Also at the conference, the best models won incredible gifts from fashion experts: 3 Gift certificates for a trip to Paris and three to Brazil for a photo session in the Vogue magazine.

Olerom Forum One

Strategy of Etalonium is the natural growth of users. We hold events around the world, join the collaboration with world stars and they share the mission of Etalonium, contributing to various tips and paying attention to our events.

Forum One – the largest business forum of Europe. Thanks to Etalonium, the models had the opportunity to participate in this event. They helped to organize, interviewed world stars, performed on the stage. For the Etalonium models was organized meeting with their idol Arnold Schwarzenegger. They met the Actor at the airport Zhuliany in Kiev, Ukraine.

Also Etalonium Model Karina thanks to our connections, became the host of Forum One. She performed on a big stage in front of a huge number of viewers.

At the same event, Etalonium model Antonina had the opportunity to be at the same stage with the legend of the present – Arnold Schwarzenegger and interview him. Such opportunities happen only once in a lifetime and all this thanks to Etalonium!

Also Etalonium models had the opportunity to interview the robot Sofia. This is an Android woman with artificial intelligence that was invented in Hong Kong. She answered the questions of our models about model career and opportunities in the fashion industry. It was an incredible sight! Everything is possible with Etalonium!