The blockchain
based platform

for world of fashion


Etalonium is decentralized online platform in the world of fashion, that provides tools for open and reliable interaction between the insiders of the fashion industry in a new, innovative way.

The concept of decentralization and open ratings, is aimed to create innovative, secure and comfortable platform both for beginners and professionals from all over the world.

Any actions within the framework of the platform affect the rating and cannot be forged thanks to the blockchain. It ensures the integrity, reliability and can serve as a guarantor that verifying actions of every participant within the platform.

For who

Etalonium opens fashion market for everyone who are interested in contributing to the development of the industry.

Beginner or professional, model or photographer, designer or stylist - the platform gives a chance to make the dream of successful career in fashion world to come true regardless of the initial connections, authority or financial position.

Industry corruption
The agents has their “favorites”, that makes the others to stay in the shadow. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure secure environment which allows the models, to have access to the working opportunities in real time.

To form the community of models and fashion trend-setters, to provide each of them with the personal token, which can be used to improve the rating, reach success and to develop the need of self-actualization.

Industry fragmentation
Fashion - one of the largest and most fragmented industries in the world. It is divided into several components and product categories that are represented in various organisations around the globe.

Globalization in terms of a joint platform and a range of products.

Sieve effect
Because of filtering a lot of those who wish to enter the industry could not take advantage of this possibility. Fashion trends are imposed artificially through trend-setters (professionals of the fashion world), their opinions are fundamental for the formation of what is fashionable and expensive and what is not.

The platform gives an opportunity to everyone who wish to become a trend-setter, there is no more need initial connections and authority, only one’s personal earned rating and acquired coins matters.

Poor security of the environment
Agencies and customers in the fashion industry provide poor protection to the models or performers, who are not sufficiently protected from scams, non-payments, sexual harassment and slavery.

Blockchain guarantees the commitments of counterparties and provides a trusting relationship between them.

False fundamental of rating formation and competence
There is no “Quality Standard”, today it is determined by a group of people and based only on their preferences and experience.

The rating is formed by collecting data on both amount, feedback about the work done and also on level of interaction with other members of the community.

Industry corruption
Industry fragmentation
Sieve effect
Poor security of the environment
False fundamental of rating
formation and competence

Events & Activities

AUG 24, 2019

China, Shanghai

Etalonium on VIP yacht party

AUG 17-19, 2019

France, Cannes

Etalonium photoshoot

AUG 18, 2019

China, Beijing

Nova & Cointelegraph party

JAN 08, 2019

Brazil Tour

San Paolo. Rio de Janeiro. Florianopolis. Castings.

NOV 30, 2018

France, Paris

Four Seasons Hotel George V. Focus group and photo-shooting.

OCT 14, 2018

Ukraine, Kyiv


OCT 10, 2018

Ukraine, Kyiv

Premier Palace Hotel. Focus Group.

SEP 04, 2018

Ukraine, Odessa

Il’Decameron Hotel. Focus group.


  • Personal Advisor Launch

  • Personal Advisor Beta test

  • Advertising Program Launch

  • Advertising Program Beta test

  • January 2021

    Etalonium Platform Release

  • Merchant / Client Interactions Module Launch

  • Merchant / Client Interactions Module Beta test

  • Streaming Module Launch

  • Streaming Module Beta test

In progress
  • Open Beta Launch

  • Personal Advisor and Smart Analytical research

  • Analytical modules development

  • Guangzhou, December 2019

    Product Presentation in Guangzhou

  • December 2019

    Closed Beta Launch

  • Shenzhen, October 2019

    Focus Group in Shenzhen

  • Shanghai, September 2019

    Etalonium Yacht Party

    More info
  • Beijing, August, 2019

    Participation in the Nova / CoinTelegraph Event

    More info
  • France, August 2019

    Photoshoot of Ambassadors Etalonium in Cannes

    More info
  • May 2019

    Participation in Malta Blockchain / AI Summit

  • April 2019

    Participation in Paris Blockchain Week

  • April 2019

    Argentina market preparation, negotiations with the UBANX exchange

  • April 2019

    Negotiations with Barbara Fialho

  • March - August 2019

    Launching closed alpha platform testing

  • New York, February 2019

    Participate in New York Fashion Week

  • January 2019

    Casting in Brazil. San Paolo, Rio, Florianopolis

    More info
  • December 2018

    Implementing Modular Architecture

  • November 2018

    User Interface implementation

  • George V, November 2018

    Focus Group in Paris

    More info
  • November 2018

    Preparing media resources for distribution

  • October 2018

    Analysis of the possibility of reorganizing the product into a modular architecture

  • Kiev, October 2018

    Presentation at Olerom “ForumOne” Business Forum

    More info
  • October, 2018

    Landing page publication

  • Premier Palace, October 2018

    Focus group in Kiev

    More info
  • September 2018

    Creating a UI Prototype

  • Il’Decameron, August 2018

    Focus group

    More info
  • August 2018

    Market Research and UX Architecture

  • February - May 2018

    Preparation of the technological stack and project architecture

  • January 2018

    Getting started on the White Paper project

  • December 2017

    Market research


What is Etalonium and what is it for?

Etalonium is decentralized online platform in the world of fashion and serves as a database for models and fashion-makers, as well as market fundraising and crowdsourcing. Also the platform provides tools for open and reliable interaction between the insiders of the fashion industry, such as - to search new faces, create castings and events, find / buy / order services and goods or exchange them, to support talents or to be supported.

What is the main mission of Etalonium?

The key point of the platform ecosystem is reputation module. According to the idea of ​​the system, the rating is made up of the initial data indicated by the participant and their follow-up by collecting data on the work done, as well as the active interaction with other members of the community. The concept of decentralization and transparent implementation, is committed to create a new secure technology platform, friendly both for beginners and professionals from all over the world.

How Etalonium Coin works inside the platform?

Etalonium Coin is base currency in Etalonium Fashion platform. It has 1:1 ratio to “MODL” token and can be converted from “MODL” to EC and vice versa. All transactions are processed in Etalonium Coins and sub-tokens. Etalonium Coin implements ExtraCoin Proof-of-Data technology and gives reliable, expandable and secured way of funds transferring.

Is there any MVP in project?

There is an MVP and it will be free to access at the beginning of January 2021.

What is the role of Blockchain in the project?

The basis of the reputational module, covering all activities of the network participant, is the blockchain. It ensures the integrity, reliability and can serve as a guarantor that verifying actions of every participant within the platform. Any actions within the framework of the platform affect the rating and cannot be forged thanks to the blockchain.

I’m a model, how can I use the platform?

Use Etalonium for career growth, find and communicate with lead photographers, designers and agents from around the world, share your success in the news feed and inspire millions of beginner models by your example.

Does the platform suited only to the needs of models?

As well as models, fashion designers, photographers, stylists or makeup artists can also publish life events, products and work details.


UX/UI Designer

Sergey Scorik

UX/UI Designer

Aleksey Gorod


Viktoria Ginsburg

Worked at L’Oréal Luxury Division in Paris (marketing), manager at Next Paris Model agency, Elite, Mademoiselle Models. Ex Regional Director of World Fashion Channel (WFC). Member of Jury several beauty contests such as Miss Ukraine, Miss Romania, Miss France, Miss Paris. Personal jewelry brand ("V I K A") owner & representative of Amilcar luxury fashion magazine.


Anatoliy Cherkasskiy

Visionary, inspirer, professional photographer and fashion designer. Business manager, that has experience of 15 successfully developed international companies.


Vladislav Halasiuk

Experienced distributed system architect, blockchain developer, inventor and contributor of Proof-Of-Data consensus algorithm. Has developed distributed media network for ROST Group Media, worked on smart-home integrated systems, developed multi-level complex distributed computational systems for data science purposes.


Yuriy Snegir

IT project management professional, system integration manager, business process analyst and marketer with more than 10 year-long experience.


Artem Getmantsev

Project management specialist in IT, advertising and PR fields. Works with analytics and business processes structuring. He has strong knowledge and understanding of Compliance processes within crypto-market.


Tonya Golovach

Instagram star, model, blogger and experienced community leader who is known for sharing a variety of both her studio and urban modeling content with her over 55,000 Instagram followers. A finalist in the Miss Ukraine 2015 pageant.

Business Development Manager

Vladymir Karyshev

Experienced bizdev, international marketer. Professional business researcher, Asian region specialist. Was making Asian bizdev for: Money Token, WeChain, Cosmos Capital